nternet Weekly Grassroots entrepreneurial choice questions

on the Internet there is only one hand to cover the industry giants, surrounded by groups of ants, such as entrepreneurial peers, and now the grassroots entrepreneurs how to break through?

Tencent, Sohu to join the ranks of the ranks of the war, making the already fierce competition to buy the show a growing trend. A group purchase website had worried that the reporter said: "in these predators, for we are not a small impact. After all, they have the support of hundreds of millions of users behind."

recently, this situation from micro-blog to It is often seen., until now has been the lack of innovation in the group purchase, speculators who always try new grassroots after a successful model, by copying the field into the body, grab market share. In addition China Internet market after fifteen years of construction, the original resource has already been divvy up predators. Whether the third generation Internet entrepreneurs have a slim chance of survival in the giant lined industry? How can they seek a breakthrough in


innovation fulcrum

Zhou Hong at the grassroots Internet Conference forum, told the grassroots entrepreneurs, Internet entrepreneurs no matter how lofty ambition, must start from a point that entrepreneurs must do a product or service to impress people. He said: "we have been talking about the happy net, in fact it is a word, they do everyone a free pick of the game, and this one point, consistent with the needs of the public". The user may want to take advantage of the gap between the work, digging mines, secretly vegetables, is such a point to meet the needs of users, completely touched the user’s heart. This is happy net success.

Zhou Hong attributed this approach to micro innovation". I think micro innovation is a very important way to do product innovation in the future". At present, China is moving towards the network life, so the market opportunities will be more and more. For small entrepreneurs, subvert the existing pattern of change is not realistic, micro innovation is a relatively easy entry point. Minimally invasive must be user centric, the need to continue to find the user’s point, and then continue to find the user’s needs.

image generation by the Tencent that year, an instant messaging tool, QQ started to catch the Alibaba B2C ride, Baidu with its own core technologies and analysis of super chain, China won 74.88% of the search market share is far higher than the Google 13.54% (from CNNIC November 9, 2009 data), the NetEase by free mailbox always in an invincible position, Dangdang selling books, Jingdong sell electronic products. Almost every giant started with a single point. Insiders said that at the beginning would want to do bigger, eventually nothing.

grassroots entrepreneurship in five directions

mobile Internet

not long ago, Li Kaifu revealed to the outside world, he has 9 innovative projects currently invested in the project is the 7 mobile internet. It can be said that the era of mobile Internet has come. The industry believes that the Internet is the third generation of mobile Internet >