Dropbox users up to 175 million push application data network storage services

NetEase Francisco July 10th message, according to foreign media reports, the network storage service provider Dropbox days ago in the United States of San Francisco held the first developers conference. Dropbox position at the meeting showed that the company hopes to further force the field of cloud computing.

, the company said at the meeting, the developers want to build applications, the Dropbox as a storage system.

Drew, CEO of

· Dropbox (Drew Houston) in an interview, said, we are replacing the hard disk. I’m not saying that when you unload your MacBook notebook, you’ll find a Dropbox in it, but what we’re going to release is theoretically a successor to the hard disk."

in today’s developers to launch a project called "data storage" (Datastore) service. It allows applications to store information in the cloud. For example, the service allows the application to record the score of the player in the game, and in the replacement to another device, through the synchronized score data, to ensure that no other players fall.

In addition to

, the company also launched a tool called "Drop Ins". This tool allows the site easily files will be moved into and out of the Dropbox account space. In April of this year, YAHOO had to use the tool to connect their 300 million mailbox account with Dropbox.

Houston said at the meeting, the company did not charge developers to plan. Dropbox will continue to use the existing business model, that is, professional and enterprise users to charge service fees.

he also said that Dropbox currently has 175 million users. In November 2012, the number of users of the company’s service was 100 million.

all this sounds deja vu. Indeed, Dropbox’s biggest rival, Box, is also working with developers to become the next generation of hard drives, and is said to have been ahead of Dropbox for years.

, according to the company spokesman, has tens of thousands of developers to use Box as an application to use the hard disk, or try the company’s other collaboration tools.

Box CEO Aaron · (Aaron Levie); levy told the media that he believes that the market can accommodate two or more competitors, as it relates to the storage device to transfer from the old "cloud", it will be a scale of billions of dollars in the market.

compared to Dropbox more general consumer practices, Levi said Box closer to the enterprise application.