Selection of the fourth session of the general assembly

Sunday (17 May), the fourth General Assembly held in the Great Wall hotel. To a lot of webmaster, said the total number of participants more than 1500 people. Eric Yang Yuanqing quite emotion; Sequoia Kui Zhou also rejoice if not almost guests not to enter, the name of the name of Hua Jun finally joined them. Lunch, thanks to the organizers of more than more than 1 thousand sets of fast food, otherwise the radius of a restaurant have to be packed.

impression, every webmaster conference seems to be on the weekend, I think there may be a lot of webmaster work. Only on weekends, from all over the country. And this makes me very little time to work out activities, benefits. Just take some photos, it is thanks to the organizers. Attached to the text after the picture from Kang Sheng official website:


the main venue in the morning of more than 1 thousand and 500 people is quite spectacular, this should be the most previous meetings of the general assembly.


local owners around the local Internet development report, the first meeting of the board of directors is the first natural webmaster, no matter what celebrities row behind.


Internet association Hu Yanping speech is clearly a bit esoteric, many webmasters are very confused.


this map there is garbled, but we can still be seen "cloud" (Cloud Computing), open, SaaS, soa. Hu Yanping suggested webmasters pay more attention to the platform:

"I give the report today make a summary with a simple word, everyone in our website and personal services. At the same time, I hope you take a little bit of time, changes in the focus on the Internet platform, because this change is actually bring a lot of opportunities for every site and every software developer, you can put your business on the inside to do ecological open consideration. And so far, with the development of the Internet at all levels, we have seen the emergence of a new, open, free and interactive new generation of networks. "


Zhou Hongyi deliberately dressed in a red dress, worthy of the week red

One of

‘s main points:

l this year does not speak of business plans, because investors are also short of money.

l the Internet is a way of life, for example, many webmaster is Indoorsman and Indoorswoman.

l happy to meet people in real society can’t satisfy the spoof idea; in addition, the viral achievement of happy net.

L QQ is the largest and oldest community, the Internet community must be the general direction.