Zhang Zhaoyang’s dream was realized by Robin Li

      Robin Li is an old friend. We have the wrong foot in front of Wall Street struggle, then the wrong foot front home business. We all chose the Internet, he just do a search, I do content, alien look, our world seems to be totally different, in fact from the origin and development direction in the future, our path is not so obviously as people don’t have to see.

      the development of the Internet in the United States is about ten years earlier than in china. We are the first batch of OCS, the network enthusiasm was completely excited by Netscape and Yang Zhiyuan. They are doing the search, is to lead people to the wizard, can say, no search engine, there will be no development and prosperity of the Internet, therefore, those of us who come back from the United States, the first to do poineering work, want to do is the same thing: copy us Internet search.

      ten years ago. The past is really like the wind, but we will not forget their own every step. The Sohu’s name as shown by its initial vision, when Zhang Zhaoyang pulled the banner of China search, Baidu was in the heart of the Robin Li brewing, no one knows exactly what the bookish young people will be the real king China search market.

      what I wanted to do was search for educational resources, and Zhang Zhaoyang wanted to do what Baidu is doing today. In fact, Robin Li then have in mind, he wrote a book, please Zhang Zhaoyang preface, there is a sincere tribute to Zhang Zhaoyang’s order, but he certainly did not expect a few years later, your deepest dreams will be this of your own preface, regarded himself as a young man for seniors.

      it is said that since the introduction of Sogou, Zhang Zhaoyang and the relationship between the indifference of the Robin Li. I don’t know the real situation, but also to the entrepreneurial mentality, I think when I sit at the World Congress on Baidu, feel is a real pleasure for Robin Li, for Chinese, but also for their own dreams, though not personally to achieve, but also to prove it is in the right direction. Moreover, in this elite conference, I really feel, no matter how the outside world and media speculation, in fact, those who had shared the passion years is an indelible, I think even Zhang Zhaoyang and Robin Li now due to the previous competition did not contact closely, but they have each other in heart, and I certainly like it from a common goal, and now more than ordinary friends more profound understanding.

      totally different from American political and cultural background, people on the news and freedom of speech long-term hunger Sina has created the prosperity of any country in the world, the Internet did not rise so strong media. In the United States, people mainly get information from traditional media