CPPCC members called on the state to increase support for small and medium sites

the afternoon of March 9th, held in Beijing, "a member of the CPPCC National Committee to discuss the green youth webmaster network construction" forum, CPPCC National Committee members, Communication University of China Research Institute of statistics Ke Huixin suggested that the state should increase support for small and medium-sized websites, and play a positive role in promoting small and medium-sized site in the healthy growth of young people, to promote the rapid the healthy development of the Internet industry China.


consists of a dozen members of the CPPCC National Committee, network and IT professionals and small webmaster representatives participate in the forum, Ke Huixin introduced her to submit at the CPPCC meeting "on the increase of small sites to support the proposal, that small and medium-sized websites as builders and promoters of China’s green network culture, bears an important responsibility to provide a healthy network culture, excellent design, safety management of network carrier Internet sites. Ke Huixin believes that the state should give strong support in terms of market access, business regulation, tax incentives, etc..

One of the

small webmaster representative from Beijing "eight nets" chief Fu Changbao said in his speech, as Beijing Tongzhou District’s largest portal, eight network of local people has become especially important communication platform for young people in daily life. "75% of the users are young people aged 20-25, we should strive to allow more workers to Beijing young people find a sense of belonging". Fu Changbao said.

founder Lu Deqing another small website "IIYI net" said, his website is mainly for county and township hospital young doctors, medical students, currently has more than 500 thousand users, these non hospital medical professionals to exchange experience on his website, share the results of treatment.

according to the conference organizers, China about 3000000 existing sites, 99% is a small site, most of the webmaster is under the age of 30, nearly 40% of the webmaster age less than 24 years old, young people have become the absolute mainstream webmaster group.

these sites are the innovation and vitality of China’s Internet, is China’s Internet capillaries, an expert said.

Shi Yansheng, Assistant Secretary General of the China Internet association,

quoted a netizen as saying, the Internet for those of us ordinary people to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship possible."

, however, due to the state of the domain name for the record and the approval of small and medium sites, forums and other special filing policy threshold is higher, the overall survival of these small and medium sites, more difficult".

Comsenz company vice president Li Mingshun called for "the country for this group to give preferential policies and support measures." According to iResearch and Comsenz joint research data show that in 2009 Chinese network community, less than 4 people accounted for 76 of the operations team. 9%. It can be inferred that this nearly ten million young Internet entrepreneurs, will be a good health and entrepreneurial environment for the development of the site builders and promoters."