Taobao push Pinterest website stubborn rabbit launched a shopping strategy of social networking

Admin5 webmaster network news, in April 9th, Taobao enabled two domain name launch picture sharing community stubborn rabbit network. The official said, stubborn rabbit network to share the image as the core, adhere to the interests of the. Users can find pictures play, fun new pictures in "naughty rabbit", also can always interact with friends to share a variety of interesting pictures, users based on the relationship, through photo sharing interactive way to establish a deeper social relationship. Taobao users to meet the needs of image collection and sharing, in order to generate the purchase behavior, a key to buy Taobao related products. Currently, users can log in through the new account and Taobao account login way to experience the stubborn rabbit".

stubborn rabbit home network

as early as March, Alibaba’s shopping search site will be launched a Amoy network Pinterest shopping community, a Amoy found, and with the female shopping community cooperation. The development of photo sharing community shopping based on a Amoy cooperation with, is the construction of sharing system to strengthen their evaluation, the combination of two ways to share images through parity, strengthen a scouring for consumers "shopping" role. And launched "naughty rabbit", is a map of interest in Taobao’s own social relationships based on the user to share pictures interactive forms to gather user, users of pictures, share pictures, interaction, purchase a series of transformation. Convert interest into actual consumption behavior. "Stubborn rabbit" is not only the "Tmall", Taobao brand strategy in another animal image. A Amoy found and stubborn rabbit launch also marks the launch of the Alibaba will be the image of the social shopping strategy to promote the image of the community to share, to promote the development of its major brand mall website.

Pinterest was founded in 2011, is the United States a new vision based social networking site. Pinterest, Pin (pins) +Interest (interest), meaning to what they are interested in with pins in the nail plate, also known as the map of interest. The number of unique visitors in January 2012 Pinterest reached 11 million 700 thousand, in addition to google+ is the fastest to reach millions of users of the site, in the social networking site seventh place, the momentum of development even more than facebook. Pinterest also allows the rapid emergence of domestic imitators. At present, the domestic Pinterest website is All flowers bloom together. Petals network, said the beautiful, belong to the class Pinterest mode. While several major Internet giants quickly joined the class Pinterest army. Ali’s Amoy and Taobao launched the "Amoy found" and "naughty rabbit", "reading" known to the world of Tencent launched, launched "windmill net", thunder launched the "thunder ark". Web editors think domestic Pinterest All flowers bloom together. model >