Female college students online shop cheated process

yesterday morning, a netizen "Sarah" tells the story of his first online business is deceived things, I hope you take this as a warning.

Sarah is a female college student, in January this year, Taobao opened a shop operating clothing, to the store in February received a few small business.

March 20th, a stranger with "Taobao want to contact her," we intend to batch purchase, do you have? "When he learned that one commodity only up to 7 pieces, he should not hesitate to say to the.

when the two sides reached a basic agreement, the other party to the company without Alipay (Taobao online trading in a safeguard the interests of both the third party payment tool) on the grounds that the requirement of "Sarah" in the online bank transfer, put forward to let her go to the company’s website and fill out a data transfer 0.01 yuan. In order to be able to make this business, Sarah in accordance with the buyer’s words to do, but with a series of industrial and Commercial Bank of China Merchants Bank and the three cards are unsuccessful transfer.

on the evening of March 20th, "Sarah" did not wait until the other side of the remittance. Hit the other party to provide the phone number, the results of the phone over there is "please enter your password". "Sarah" was glad not to send the goods.

March 26th, Sarah sister with China Merchants bank overdraft card orders, but was told that the credit limit is not enough, ", which obviously has more than 1000 yuan. " "Sarah" find friends quickly through the network: first outac Webmaster: "fly", the main contents of this web site is to teach you how to shop online, online trading, listening to "Sarah" after the story, "flying words" quickly concluded: cheat, cheat revealed his information through the so-called "to the company’s website to pay 0.01 yuan, check account and found that there are two Alipay expenditure records." The records show, March 24, 2008 night at 7:53 to 54 paid two yuan 406.

"Sarah" said: "fortunately, my sister and I are students, overdraft cards can only overdraft so much, otherwise the loss can be large."

later, the "flying words" told "Sarah", in fact the first outac above a lot of articles like this, if you can see more of the experience of others in front of the shop, summed up the problems of others, you will not give an opportunity to cheat.