Technology blog has gradually become the domestic T circle popular spicy chicken


interview love van son, TECH2IPO, titanium media founder

IT times Yang

technology blog in the country and the fire. Once as a branch of a large number of blog types, most of the technology blog is written by some senior IT practitioners interested. In overseas, TechCrunch and other technology blog has been popular for many years, no less influential than traditional media, and some articles will have a direct impact on the international IT heavyweights company’s share price.


may be affected by the overseas technology blog, 36 krypton, Lei Feng, tiger sniffing the network, PingWest, media and other domestic titanium industry quickly follow. Recently, the "IT times" reporter interviewed an exclusive love of children, TECH2IPO, titanium media founder. The three domestic technology blog characteristics, were founded in 2008, 2010 and 2012 respectively; with Fan Er, the innovation model, professionalism style; at the same time are known as "independent", not soft, not paid news. The war of content, channel of the war, when more and more science and technology blog to join the competition, the domestic IT sector of the public opinion of the dispute over.

love fan children: most of the new media science and technology

, as one of the few Chinese science and technology blog in the early years, love van son from 2008 to date, has gone through 5 years. In 2012 when the tiger sniffing the network, PingWest and titanium media join technology blog pattern, promote the rise of ecological science and technology blog, love fan children once the niche sites, but also to gradually known to more people.

start from the hardware evaluation

love fan children founder Wilson Wang’s identity to the outside world has been quite mysterious, he is said to do management work in an enterprise, this time he revealed in an interview with "IT times", and he is actually a "learning economy", I sometimes love fan children to write articles, but not directly responsible for the content the construction of the team.

love fan children from 2008 began to play hardware evaluation, playing very deep. At that time, there are few domestic science and technology media, we do a love fan children BBS, a lot of technology enthusiasts gathered together." Wilson said.

this advantage is unmatched by other richly endowed by nature. In love van son team, often can see the United States, Germany and other countries of the Chinese author, a large part of these resources are accumulated in those years of BBS.

this overseas influence directly to NOKIA and other companies. In 2009, NOKIA held a global annual meeting, to send an invitation to the fans, and it is considered as a long-term invited media, and fan fan is also the only one invited by the Chinese science and technology blog. NOKIA is the value of this gathering equipment fancier web sites in the United States, technology blog already in the public opinion environment for.