National network television accused of sharing with CCTV com CP card

newspaper news (reporter Peng Wu) accused of "and share a ICP card" national network TV station website as of yesterday, 19 points is still operating, at the same time, related staff said, this morning will be held on the line ceremony "as usual".

, according to media reports, yesterday users letter to work through the network of "real name" report, the website of the ICP card and the original CCTV website the same number, therefore questioned the "not in accordance with legal procedures to obtain the record". Reporters yesterday afternoon to consult the staff on the matter, the source said, this is not known". As of press time reporter 18, CCTV network has yet to make a public reply to the matter.

reporter on the website of the Ministry of education yesterday, such as a record unit with two sites, it is necessary to submit a filing application. Yesterday, insiders said, and owners should be CCTV, sharing a ICP card, only a record may be due to this. But this statement has not been confirmed CCTV network.

is the net friend of the public report not filing, but also includes several other sites. This name is called "Wang Keli" whistleblower claims, the Ministry of education, Ministry of supervision, Ministry of health, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other eight ministries and agencies directly under the State Council website, without the Internet Information Service (ICP) for the record, or on the site indicate the record mark.

reporter yesterday tried to verify the system through the Ministry of Commerce Internet Center online query system, but the system is only open to the registered users of the ICP card search function.

CCTV exposure last week, said Telecom and China Unicom website without the ICP filing, or not marked on the website for the record, alleged violations. China Unicom released yesterday afternoon announcement, failed to timely express the operating license information in the three business apology.