Stationmaster net broadcast 315 fake which will be included in the list of 17 P2P stopped down payme

1 Central Bank senior position in the first working day: 17 P2P  

halted the down payment loan;

on Saturday (March 12th), the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, deputy governor of the two sessions in the clear statement can not do after the loan payment, P2P platform to respond quickly to the.

The first working day of March 14th

— senior central bank statement, twenty-first Century economic report reporter exclusively from surplus can obtain information consulting data show, according to the latest statistics, 17 platform to stop the down payment loan related business. There are 1 platforms are still issued the first payment of loans related to the standard (life loans), the end of the 2 borrowers are still related to the business show (Department of finance, together with easy loan).

17 platform down payment loan: money, Baitong partner, Master loans, large numbers of cloud melting, LaSalle gold, Sohu’s search easy loan, SouFun real world world loan, gold in the room, the chain of home’s home, Guangzhou Bao e loans, loans, financial fan Hui, Guocheng finance, credit, the Swiss wealth, treasure, and other real estate finance loan fuben.

2 is not just Taobao WeChat circle of friends in 315 during the crackdown  


doing business in the WeChat ecosystem based on the formation of social relationships in, is also facing serious problems and selling.

was once a year in 315, the Alibaba established "fake Chinese team", Tencent also introduced the WeChat circle of friends fake scheme.

Alibaba Taobao, Tmall can be said to be the initiator of evil but the electricity supplier and selling the WeChat ecosystem, social relations formation based on are also facing serious problems and selling. WeChat security risk control director Yang Peng said, social convenience offered by WeChat, "micro network crime scene" by means of the chain expansion damage, "old old ballad" is the use of user psychology repeated propagation for exposure.

According to

, reported, about 40% of college students have to fake in the purchasing circle of friends, but because the seller is close friends, so many fakes students because of the sensibilities, feel shy to rights.

3 ticket agents to rectify the upgrade where to be the five aviation enterprises comprehensive off for  

following the beginning of a number of airlines announced the suspension of cooperation with where to go to the network, the airline on the airline ticket agency action to rectify the upgrade again.

March 14th, there are a lot of passengers found that Southern Airlines tickets from where to go online all the shelves. On the evening of the same day, China Southern Airlines in its official website officially released "on the southern and where the network to carry out special rectification work notice" said, recently, China Southern Airlines received many visitors where online shopping ticket triggered by complaints, only in 2016 1-2 month cumulative complaints has reached 79 single. The main complaint relates to the network proxy illegal charge change refund fee, provide false ticket, the flight changes not notice of responsibility, disclosure of passenger information fraud, theft of virtual account for airline passenger information >