Mao Wei CN domain governance aims to build a trusted nternet


China Internet Network Information Center Chairman Mao


technology news (Yang Zhongxiong) August 17th news, Chinese Internet Network Information Center Director Mao Wei said this afternoon in 2010 China Internet Conference International Summit on the Internet, now China number first in the world, the popularity rate in the world average level to. However, the network is not credible to the serious loss of Internet users also seriously affect the development of the Internet, the impact of potential transactions.

Mao Wei said, CNIC to carry out the management of CN domain name, anti phishing site alliance, trusted service site verification. Trusted certificates have been developed in order to build a credible internet."

Mao Wei also pointed out that the construction of a credible Internet is not one or a certain aspect of the work can be. The hope is that the industry chain together to create a credible network.

2010 Internet Conference will be held in Beijing from August 17th to 19, the Tencent of science and technology strategic cooperation as the official portal of this Internet Conference and the official exclusive news center, will carry out a full range of video and live at the scene. And set up 3 on-site interview, inviting industry experts and business representatives to discuss the current situation of the industry, pointing out the future trend.

as one of the biggest highlights of the current Internet Conference, micro-blog interactive will be large-scale introduction of the whole assembly. As the official exclusive partner of micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent ( launched # question CEO # activities, all users can pay attention to you in advance of the Internet industry CEO. Some of these questions will be selected at the internet conference site, and get a positive answer guests.

below is China Internet Network Information Center Director Mao Wei statement:

Mao Wei: Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon, Professor Li spoke very much agree with IPv6, he mentioned that the next generation of the Internet over this thing, I remember the year before Internet Conference I said about the problem of IP address depletion, now is the IPv4 address next year will be depleted, only the address theory can not be used. Recently, for example, the address of the Asia Pacific region to 1.1.1 has been expanded. In such an emergency, many organizations are not ready to switch from IPv4 to IPv6.

so now turn IPv4 to IPv6 is a killer application. My topic today is to build a core of the Internet is a good opportunity.

now the number of Internet users in China ranks first in the world, the penetration rate of more than the world average. Chinese Internet users than the time of watching TV for a long time, the entire network continues to grow in size, the application of rich. E-commerce transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 500 billion in the first half, the importance of the Internet is becoming more prominent, the value is more prominent