Wanda professional The acquisition of million COM domain name wanhui com

renamed China (eName.cn) September 4th hearing, according to the domain name Forum (dnbbs.com) users broke the news, Wanda’s business platform "Wan ibusiness" domain name wanhui.com has already been Wanda in the bag, and now jump to the official website of wanhui.cn million.


: Wan ibusiness

December 2013, Wanda.CN enabled Larry domain wanhui.cn, heavy launch e-commerce platform Wan ibusiness, caused no small sensation. And Wanda enabled.Cn rather than more in line with the user search habits.Com domain name, but also sparked a heated debate in the industry, including Gong Wenxiang, including a number of industry insiders have questioned Wanda is not professional enough. But then there is news that Wanda has secretly acquired wanhui.com, but has not been confirmed.

now, visit the domain name wanhui.com, the domain name has to jump to the ISS mall, and found in the website home page, the logo from the original wanhui.cn change to wanhui.com. Wanda does seem to have won the.Com domain name. Logo has changed, Wanda should be the next step is the official opening of it,


has always been, Wanda in the domain name gives the impression that the heavy.CN domain name light.COM domain name, holding wanda.cn/.com.cn, wandaplaza.cn and other public domain name.Cn, but the lack of wanda.com. Until last week, Wanda childe Wang Sicong Hao ten million scored wanda.com. The future, Wanda will join Tencent, Baidu wars in the hands of the electricity supplier industry,.Com domain name is presumably a tiger with wings added.