nternet Association released 2012 global nternet users survey report




Internet association is an independent organization that studies Internet policy, technical standards and future development. The annual survey of global Internet development. This year the survey involved more than 10 thousand Internet users in 20 countries around the world, in terms of Internet use, the application of personal information, personal information management, the impact of the Internet, the Internet opinion on economic, social and personal problems. The main findings are as follows:

online privacy and identity

although users know that they are sharing personal data to the site or service, but most (80%) will not read the privacy policy, and more than 12% said never read.

Only half of the people who sign up for

online services report that they will log out later.

only 19% of people realize that personal data will be expected to use outside. The most common consequences are unauthorized communications, personal data theft, private data disclosure, counterfeiting, and financial loss.

interestingly, Internet users generally trust the Internet, but most have lied to the Internet (such as the provision of false information).

Internet and economic and social issues

nearly 2/3 of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the Internet can play an important role in solving the global problems, including to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health care (63%) (65%), the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger (61%), and prevent the trafficking of women and children (69%): /p>

agreed that the Internet could increase the proportion of Global trade and economic ties (81%), with a view to improving the quality of education by about 80%, which could improve the emergency response to natural disasters, accounting for 77%

most respondents strongly feel the Internet in the field of business, improve science and technology play an important role, such as expanding the scope of use of the goods and services (66%), international trade allows entrepreneurs (65%), promote the development of science and technology and create a sense of technology labor (61%)

attitudes towards the Internet

98% believe that the Internet is indispensable for their access to knowledge and education

more than 80% of people agree that the Internet plays an active role in their personal life and society.

nearly 75% of users strongly agree that the Internet enables them to search for any information that is of interest.

Internet use

96% of the world’s Internet users visit at least once a day.

more than 90% of Internet users surveyed said they use social media, about 60% people use