What’s Baidu doing recently

              webmaster forum today has more than a topic, that is, Baidu engine yesterday appeared abnormal. Such as: Baidu in what plane? Now, Baidu is amazing, Baidu al2216w several stations all pulled out the hair. The NetEase including Sina QQ. Generally reflect the problem, the site included a significant reduction in the rankings change anomalies, at 10 to 13 points when the Baidu statistics was also interrupted statistics, repeated site site when the number of changes in terror scary, etc..

if these occur on weekdays, may not cause everyone’s attention. But in a short period of time there are so many owners reflect that there must be something wrong. There are rumors of the Admin5, said Baidu’s server fails, a large amount of data is being repaired. There are rumors that Baidu is adjusting its algorithm. Although Public opinions are divergent. but not Weakness lends wings to rumours..

we all know, Baidu engine is technically inferior to Google, yahoo. And it can not effectively deal with the optimization of transition and acquisition station rampant, so it had to collect the artificial intervention, but artificial intervention is likely to cause the site actually unjust case against Baidu development ". This point Google sand box effect is good in solving this kind of problem, if it is collected or transition optimization, Google will be included, but no good rankings. Even if there is no role included. Baidu K station to get rid of the poison notoriety, we must strengthen the self update of technology.

2008 should be a key year for Baidu’s technological innovation, the new site Baidu to be included, nor as quickly as before. But it is puzzling that Google on the contrary, including the speed of the new sites and the same as the previous Baidu. We can understand that Baidu and Google their technology is not a level.

maybe we are wondering why Baidu will speed up its change. Estimates are a strong challenge from the G.cn domain name. Baidu is losing its market share. Old webmaster who know, Google is also very flow. But relatively concentrated in the rankings of the site. While Baidu’s click is relatively dispersed, indicating that the quality is not too high station is relatively easy to get a good ranking by Baidu. So here, we do not blame Baidu. Generally speaking, the threshold of Google is higher.

before Baidu to a large number of webmaster hope, but also to a lot of owners face. But Google is still relatively civilian. In turn, some owners even complain. Every thing has its two sides, that is what it means.

Dong said that some xiche. All in all, Baidu is a bad guy. These naive do not know what it is engaged in aircraft, in fact, Baidu into Japan is already a joke. To do it again