March global domain name rose in general except China Brazil net growth

as of March 29, 2010, the total number of domain names in the world have generally increased. Here are the top fifteen countries with the highest growth rate in the world:


data can be seen from the table, the total number of domain names in the first place is the United States, the total amount of its domain name registration was 70545790, significantly more than in February 15th, an increase of about 477640 of the statistics in. As a domain name registered in the domain name, of course, there is a large number of fluctuations in the domain name. In the international top-level domain name registration, the United States is easier and more affordable than other countries. A GoDaddy is equivalent to the number of registered areas.

second is Germany, as the rapid growth of the economy, the total amount of its domain name is also reflected. As well as the German network of information consciousness stronger than the Chinese people, the Internet developed, e-commerce trade than china. Especially for some time the German DE domain name also gratis. But the current domain name registration total of 6127425, a slight decline in the trend, the net growth of more than the last 23498.

third is a British, total domain 62093 increase over the previous period of 4033548. The United Kingdom as early as 1985 in the ICANN filing, coupled with its strong economic strength and awareness of domain name protection makes the uk domain name has been steadily developed.

of course, China is still in the fourth place, the total number of registered domain names in than in February, an increase of 11277. Not only the total increase in the domain name, but also from the net growth of 15 in February to the positive growth of negative growth. Overall, the total number of domain names than in February optimistic. In the same period last year, behind Canada, China since the "anti pornography" special treatment to the present, CN domain name is greatly reduced, but also to a certain extent restricts the growth of domain name.

look at the overall situation, the world’s top fifteen national domain names have increased, in addition to China, Hongkong, Brazil, the net growth in the state.