With the first in Hongkong Alipay WeChat to pay the license the flames of war to the new battlefiel

after obtaining the license, Alipay, WeChat paid not only to continue to serve the Hongkong businesses, but also provide electronic wallet, such businesses offer mobile life services for Hongkong consumers.


source: Vision China

August 26th, the Hongkong Monetary Authority announced according to the "payment system and stored value payment instruments regulations" formally issued 5 prepaid payment instruments (SVF) license, the first batch of winners include Tencent’s WeChat Pay (WeChat paid Overseas Edition), ant gold suit’s Alipay wallet, Hongkong Telecom’s Tap& Go (shoot; live tours) and TNG electronic money bag and Octopus "easy to".

, according to Xinhua News Agency reported that Chen Delin, chief executive of the HKMA, said the first batch of SVF licenses, marking the development of Hongkong’s retail payments into a new stage. The implementation of SVF licensing system, enabling the new retail payment instruments and the introduction, but also can protect the interests of users, and strengthen the public on the use of the product and service of confidence, help promote the local retail payment business innovation and development. The HKMA also is expected in November 13th this year approved the second batch of SVF licenses.

4 kinds of payment tools including Alipay

SVF license has immediate effect, and because the electronic payment octopus card relates to modify the old law, its license will be with the second batch of companies to obtain a license to take effect in November this year.

is the first winner to pay license, the most striking is the representative of mainland Payment institutions: Alipay, WeChat to pay.

data show that in the two quarter of this year, Alipay wallet still has a number of users growing and increasing user stickiness, the market share from 76.2% in the first quarter rose to 79.9%, ranking the industry first. In March this year, Alipay officially released the data, the daily mobile phone payment number has reached more than 25 million, becoming the world’s largest mobile payment company.

over the same period, ranked second in the money paid through (WeChat payment) market share fell from 12.9% in the first quarter to $8.9%.

fierce competition in the mainland market, the war to Hongkong. After obtaining the license, Alipay, WeChat paid not only to continue to serve the Hongkong businesses, but also provide electronic wallet, mobile life service businesses offer for Hongkong consumers, both in Hongkong to further open space for development.

In fact, Alipay

, WeChat earlier than at the Hongkong market. In early 2012, Taobao in Hongkong had issued 7-Eleven different denominations of Alipay card. During the 2014 Spring Festival, Alipay and Hongkong are also part of offline businesses to achieve cooperation, implementation of Alipay wallet to pay. In August 2015, Alipay and Sasa to launch the "future store", the customer in front of the camera brush on your face.