Global network interview Lai Lin Feng want people around the assets of over ten million

after several years of transformation, from the initial development of ylmf studio has its own office building, IT enterprises millions of users. September 15th released its latest research and development of 115 browser. So for companies have been established with Ylmf OS operating system as the center, including 114 site navigation, 115 series of products, 915 mobile phone network and will be launched in 769, Dongguan life complete ecosystem IT. Global network technology channel recently went to Guangdong to Dongguan for headquarters were interviewed.


ylmf founder Lai Linfeng accepted an interview with

global network

arrived in Dongguan, the company founder Lai Linfeng will lead us to visit the legendary "Google after looking to re decoration" for office building, stylish and comfortable office environment, a full range of advanced leisure facilities, rich but free catering services make people feel that not only before listening to the non empty, even reality than rumors "ifheavier". But during the visit Lai Lin Feng from time to time out "my goal is to let the people around assets over ten million", "let the wind operating system has occupied more than 30% Chinese market" and "will be built to accommodate 5000 people office building" shocking words, let us feel the pride and self-confidence of the Peng the development of high-tech enterprises.

after the end of the tour, the young and capable, take us into each office will be the first to say "our founders feel shy to bother" for an exclusive interview with the global network of science and technology.

is committed to undeserved reputation of national software industry

global network technology: as everyone knows, the current operating system Microsoft alone big, and the characteristics of China market has proved that even the mighty Microsoft can’t obtain huge profits from the sale of operating system such as he has made in foreign countries like. Ylmf is for what consideration to do a thankless thing?

Lai Linfeng: I personally think that so many people in China, such a big country, do not have their own operating system, I feel very uncomfortable. And I started operating system from the start, and now have the ability to have this desire. So I want to achieve it.

global network technology: who are the main competitors for the present? How do you evaluate the current status of IT industry in the last


Lai Linfeng: I think the competition is their own, our product line with others is a little different, in the future with the development of the company, the growth process of Baidu, like Tencent, Alibaba was the same, inevitably there will be overlap with other local companies. Our goal is to eventually become Microsoft, Google, such as technology companies. As for the company is now in what position, we rarely go to compare with others, I think these so-called "status" are virtual, we are more in favor of