Green League branch of science and technology 18 million 880 thousand loss of six months to resign

each reporter Wu Linjing Ding Zhouyang

August 14th, NSFocus (300369) announcement that the company was acquired in a year ago, a wholly owned subsidiary of e-safenet losses in the first half of 18 million 880 thousand yuan. For business reasons for poor billion Saida, a former executive of the "daily economic news" reporter said, due to the high management of poor, now e-safenet keystaff scattered. At NSFocus acquisition e-safenet, Esai new network security product R & D investment, but no output, which is why e-safenet performance decline.

for the above statement, the reporter failed to get NSFocus and e-safenet quarters, but the reporter noted, NSFocus e-safenet said in the announcement, the chairman and general manager has resigned. However, NSFocus interactive platform on investors that the board did not pass his resignation, above two people did not actually leave the company.

transformation of new products in case of loss of

just after six months, NSFocus issued a paper "major risk warning notice" to investors poured a pot of cold water: recently acquired subsidiary e-safenet soon, first half operating income (Unaudited) only 10 million 690 thousand yuan, net profit loss of 18 million 880 thousand yuan.

"if e-safenet finish performance commitments, the company will at the end of the year, according to the test results to decide whether the impairment of goodwill impairment", after the announcement, set off a great disturbance among investors, issued the same day there are more than 10 investors in its website asked esight industry performance face of the reason.

last September, NSFocus with a total amount of $150 million acquisition of 100% stake in e-safenet. The parties to the transaction commitment, 2014, 2015, e-safenet 2016 net profit of not less than 32 million yuan, 41 million 600 thousand yuan, 54 million 80 thousand yuan. However, in March after the transfer is completed, with less than half a year earnings than expected losses, stunned investors.

loss so much or product line out of the question." The departure of executives, in fact, the traditional document encryption e-safenet stable business income. About 2 years ago, the transformation of DLP products (Esai data leakage protection system) localization. Investment in R & D strength is too large, every year there should be 100 people in doing this business, light wages have invested $about 16000000, but there is no output."


service e-safenet executives said the first half loss was mainly due to its cooperation with HUAWEI a main push products for overseas markets and slower than expected. The DLP product is the first half of the company’s new encryption technology, the market reaction will take some time, the future will continue to seize the market share of foreign DLP products in china."

NSFocus said in the announcement, not only e-safenet deterioration in cash flow, the performance is not up, the management team also appeared in the transaction, "Chairman Ruan Xiaoxun, the current general manager Wang Jianguo has respectively by email to the board of directors to resign from the chairman,"