Depending on the value and answer a knowledge for sound running out of time

"deep web" report group text / Xin Xin

How much is the amount of information hidden in the brains of

professionals? Will there be a need to pay for a solution that will help you solve the real problem quickly?

for a long time, these questions can not get a good answer. Now some mobile Internet products are trying to give the answer.

in April 1st this year, the value of almost maxed circle of friends; then in May 15th a line, quickly maxed circle of friends, which makes the row and divided a founder Ji Shisan (micro-blog) had to be rushed to the rest of the team in points a project, in order to fully support.

mobile Internet era explosive products are not uncommon, but how to find a long-term development rather than a flash of fireworks is a problem they face. This time, however, the value of the value of almost, and the answer is a little different.


value between a and from birth into a "knowledge pay" competition in public opinion, especially the launch of version 3 was found between its pages and a very similar. Although the two are reluctant to talk about each other, Zhou and Ji Shisan in an interview also often stressed each other "differences", but it is often talked about the knowledge of the two pay scene always compare a.

in this way, some people will not consciously think should took large V resources of knowledge, Ji thirteen responded by saying "if fans have on other platforms they would like to come over is not a good thing, why should train themselves, if I attract people today with fans since he came here is a strength not weakness."

now, the race to pay for knowledge has just begun. Win or lose, knowledge and in line jointly opened the door, and thirst for knowledge of the public, interested in the mobile payment more convenient to be used, the knowledge era is quietly coming.

from the beginning of the "encounter"

Hackathon (hacker marathon) is aware of the internal annual cultural festival, it gives the team a specific time, so that they go to work in peacetime to think of a cow idea. This is the winner of this year’s hacker marathon, and it’s got a code called "money on the inside."". April 1st fool’s day value between officially released, in the form of text scratch (version 1) and "let everyone in the circle of friends to earn money" attitude caused everybody to forward.

knew at the time that the value was just a little trick on April Fool’s day. But with the next 2 versions (reward questions) and the updated version of the (pay voice quiz) constantly updated, it has become one of the internal force of the product known as.


in June 23 between App RI Zhi a major upgrade to be reflected in the value of almost is put in the know almost App. That is, when you find someone who might be helpful to you in App