nternal sources said 360 navigation intends to acquire the 2345 navigation


reported that the 360 is to purchase 2345 navigation

[Sohu IT news] (small Rui) April 17th news, according to insiders, 360 navigation intends to acquire the 2345 site navigation, the two sides are negotiating, the final results have not yet been determined.

with 360 Baidu in the search field and the escalation of competition, site navigation has become a hotly contested spot. For 360, the site navigation is an important source of traffic for its search, if you can get the bag in the income of 2345, help to improve the market share of the 360 search.

according to sources, Baidu also intends to acquire 2345. Who actually spend the final, is not sure.

2345 site navigation is the third largest navigation site, traffic is only next to the 360 navigation page hao123.