Remediation vulgar wind Hubei clean off the site 54

Changjiang Daily News (reporter correspondent Chang Yan Liang Yan) reporter learned from yesterday held in Hubei province Internet association Third Congress, special operations air of our province network vulgar remediation achieved initial results, as of now has closed 54 websites involving pornographic, violent and vulgar content.

China Internet Association Deputy Secretary General Ma Ning introduction, as of the end of 2008, the number of Internet users in China has reached 298 million, the number of sites reached up to 2 million 878 thousand. At the same time, along with the arrival of the era of 3G and the continuous reduction of the cost of mobile phone hardware, wireless Internet showed explosive growth trend, mobile Internet users reached 117 million. Among them, Hubei broadband users reached 2 million 864 thousand, ranking the country’s eleventh, a total of Internet users in the province of 10 million 500 thousand, the province has a record site of nearly ten thousand, filing rate of reached 95%.

in the rapid development of the Internet at the same time, the network vulgar wind is spreading rapidly. Hubei Provincial Communications Authority Yuan Ruiqing said that since January this year, the beginning of remediation network vulgar wind, nearly 7 sites have been filing inventory. As of now, Hubei province has closed 54 websites involving pornographic and other vulgar content, expected regulation will continue until the end of April.

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