Gang stealing mobile phone mail list 20 million principal sentenced to three and a half years

executive Yang Xiaohui et al by technical personnel to develop a "silent plug-in", for smuggled goods Android smart mobile phone brush quietly after implantation, to mobile phone users unknowingly push the development of software, software developers to earn commissions. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, the gang of 10 by the Chaoyang Court of first instance to illegal access to computer information system data, illegal control of computer information system crime sentenced, principal Yang Xiaohui was sentenced to 3 and a half years, and fined 50 thousand yuan.

theft address book 20 million

43 year old Yang Xiaohui university education, the actual control of Beijing Ahmed Joint Information Technology Co. ltd.. Chen Xinhe, two, respectively, Shenzhen,, the two legal representative of information technology companies. July 2010 to May 2011, Yang Xiaohui, Chen Xinhe, who has set up three companies in Shenzhen and Beijing, operating software, network technology and mobile phone software and hardware development business. By the end of 2011, Yang Xiaohui Ma Qingmu inspired 4 company technicians, R & D "silent plug-in", through to the mobile phone users brush the way a lot of embedded mobile terminal.

after identification, the "silent plug-in" in case the user’s knowledge, access to mobile phone users, mobile phone users location network, change user network status, delete the application and installation of mobile phone users in the installation of other applications, mobile phone users forced to close running applications and users to read and write memory card etc. the function of information; and when the user’s knowledge, upload mobile phone text messaging, call information, mail list, GPS location information function.


, Yang Xiaohui, who also arranged to wish a two person through the background server control mode, to implant silent plug-in mobile terminal push software, advertising and other commercial electronic information. After investigation, containing a large number of mobile terminal users personal information in the business of Yang Xiaohui’s company server, which is illegal access to the mobile phone mail list was up to 102368, acquired a total of 19426523 mail list. In August 30, 2013, Yang Xiaohui and other 10 people were arrested.

run hidden anti-virus software

according to Yang Xiaohui confession, he and Chen Xin formed the main business of the company is to smuggled goods Android intelligent mobile phone brush and embedded software, to developers promotion software, to receive promotion fee. At the beginning of 2012, due to the business downturn, he and Chen Xin discuss s making a plug-in implant user’s mobile phone, and arrange a horse and a R & D. The function of the plug-in is that when the mobile phone users connect to Wifi, in the absence of knowledge of the background to receive the software and advertising information push. As of the incident, was implanted silent plug-in users accumulated about 400000. Through the insertion of plug-ins, silent push advertising profit of about 20 yuan.

involved in the development of software, said Ma, the normal installation software will pop up the installation interface prompts to install, Yang Xiaohui in order to improve >