Google unveiled a new design language a world of difference with apple Swift

[Abstract] Apple released the Swift language is a programming language that is to reduce the threshold of developers, Google released the Material Design language, strictly speaking, is more like a set of interface design standards, there is a world of difference between the two.


Tencent science and Technology Sun reported on June 26th

this morning, Google (micro-blog) in the I/O conference released a new design language Material Design. In the more than and 20 days before the WWDC, Apple also released a new programming language Swift. Two technology giants, at the annual developer conference, have released a new language, but these two are essentially different.

Material Design is a new design language, Google plans to apply this design language to Android, Chrome OS and web pages on all platforms.

Android L

Google recently released on the use of Material Design language, this is an important measure of Google in order to solve the problem of fragmentation, including the unified mobile phone, tablet, laptop and web design client.

Google said: "Material Design is beautiful and bold, because clean layout and layout is simple and easy to understand."

and Material Design different, Swift language for iOS and OS X application programming language, more rapid, convenient, efficient, safe, and will be compatible with Object-C.

Swift language focused on a lot of other high-level language of the shadow, the integration of their advantages. Its syntax is closer to natural language, making the programming process easier. These changes further reduce the threshold for the development of Apple’s App platform, Apple has consistently advocated the use of App to solve all the problems, which will be an important part of Apple’s ecological chain.

can be seen from the above, if you have to be linked to Swift and Google, Swift is more like Google’s Go language. Five years ago, Google developed a programming language called Go. Go language with the characteristics of simplicity and the optimization of concurrent operations, has become widely welcomed by developers of new programming languages, especially for the development of cloud computing platform.

has foreign developers, said: I am using Swift, my eyes will always emerge Google Go language. Go has a very good concurrency features, I am glad to see Apple has learned some of the characteristics of Go. Now, however, is only the beginning of Apple’s new language."

it can be seen, Apple released the Swift language is a programming language, is to reduce the threshold of developers, Google released Mate>