Cai Wensheng detailed hand Baidu nsider still have wariness


4399 game network chairman, founder Cai Wensheng (Figure)


] Chinese Entrepreneurs Network (Roundup) "to join Baidu platform is the recent results of the consultation, not open to their promises, and webmaster Baidu still reported a certain wariness." From DoNews news shows, for the 4399 game network in cooperation with Baidu accused of "promise", "Little Master Wang" the title of the 4399 chairman Cai Wensheng for clarification on the phone.

at the September 2nd Baidu World Congress, Baidu CEO Robin Li announced that Baidu officially launched a new application open platform to directly operate the form of the page to provide application services for the relevant search. Robin Li revealed that Baidu has invited watercress, Jinshan and other well-known enterprises to participate in the search that is, the test activities.

in the discussion section of the day, Cai Wensheng on Baidu’s new platform to express their concerns. Cai Wensheng said, very afraid of cooperation with Baidu may lead to the loss of the user and the amount of visits, and Baidu how to do fair, open development expressed concern. Cai Wensheng pointed out that, as a businessman, the most concerned about is how to make money. Scene, Cai Wensheng also suggested that Baidu is not, that is to do a good job in the core platform and services, do not get involved in the application. The industry once believed that Cai Wensheng overwhelmed this statement shows a clear unintentional cooperation attitude.

and less than 5 days from the publication of these remarks, the sudden announcement yesterday, has officially joined the open platform for Baidu applications, in order to direct its products and Internet users demand. Baidu search page shows, in the small game network rankings, ranked second in the top 4399. 4399 on the move, critics said it had "".

for this question, Cai Wensheng clarified instructions. According to DoNews news, Cai Wensheng said, the outside world that the "promise" is misreading. "I didn’t reach an agreement after I spoke to the Baidu conference". Cai Wensheng said, as early as July, 4399 has begun to discuss matters relating to cooperation with Baidu to start, but he did not disclose the specific time to finalize cooperation.

Cai Wensheng also said that his remarks at the Baidu world conference is not only to 4399, but also represents the majority of webmaster". Cai Wensheng does not deny the goodwill of Baidu’s new platform, but for the final realization of a win-win situation, Cai Wensheng pointed out that this requires patience to observe. "Not only with each other traffic, the value of diversion to the webmaster is the key".

this, Baidu CEO Robin Li also gives a response. Tencent science and technology news, said Robin Li, Baidu’s most important criteria is to meet the needs of users, will not take care of the interests of their partners and change the search rules.

famous IT population of West Slope in 4399, the author pointed out that cooperation with Baidu is nothing more than "flow" and "rival" two factors "