Network transmission Taobao dual 11 start Hawkeye brush single official denied

news September 30th, the day before, there is news that Taobao is hard brush and meet the double 11, has launched a program called "special rectification plan hawkeye. But the news was soon officially denied.

we noticed that about "Hawkeye" rumors of micro-blog, WeChat in the circle of friends circulated a lot. That said, the recent Taobao will start operation, monitors and had had a single brush brush orders. A remark, "Taobao sellers into paranoia".


, a former Taobao small kind of full building in their micro-blog and Taobao have responded that internal verification, the message is not accurate. Subsequently, there are sellers to Tmall, Taobao, search and other departments to verify, but also get a negative answer.

and Ali who revealed to billion state power network, Hawkeye just Taobao distributed call log tracking system based on single brush tool, not blow. Hawkeye system started from 2012.

Hua manlou said, this project has already, but Taobao has been monitoring a single brush has a complete set of monitoring mechanism in operation. "That Taobao did not carry out for scalping this special action, so all sellers do not have to worry too much."

although the so-called "not to worry too much about the" one is part of the seller jokingly as "can also brush". But it is clear that, even after the Alibaba IPO, Taobao has not been clear in the near future to increase the intensity of remediation initiatives.

it is understood that the began in April 10th this year, the implementation of the new rules of false trading, Taobao will be based on the severity of the illegal business behavior, according to the number of transactions and the number of false pen is different, given different treatment.

according to the new regulations, if the business first and second false transactions occurred the sum of the number of not more than 96 pen, will not be penalized, if the number of transactions of more than or equal to 96 will be deducted 12 points. If the seller third virtual transactions, transaction number less than 96 will be deducted 12 points, the number of transactions is equal to or greater than 96 will be deducted 48 points. If the seller has more than four virtual trading behavior, regardless of the number of pens are regarded as particularly serious circumstances.