The illegal sale of drugs website one day a net profit of 2000 yuan 14 by exposure

recently, the State Food and Drug Administration announced on its official website of 14 illegal drugs list. These 14 websites for publishing false drug information and the sale of counterfeit drugs, the agency was recently released in 2010 second Internet drug safety warning notice concentrated exposure.


announcement said that recently, the State Food and Drug Administration found in the supervision and inspection, some sites offering forged or counterfeit units, issued false drug information, sale of counterfeit drugs, serious harm to public safety. These sites counterfeit or fake "Chinese, national, international, Beijing, the capital of a rehabilitation center, scientific research institutions, medical institutions such as the name, claiming to cure" hemiplegia, hypertension, diabetes, Difficult miscellaneous diseases of gout, sexual dysfunction and other chronic diseases; on the page with a large number of "government officials", "authority experts" and "patient", and the use of absolute commitment to the language in its name, false propaganda of "product" effect, through the sale of counterfeit drugs, post telephone consultation etc..

was exposed illegal drug website is still running

at present, the State Food and drug administration has been transferred to the relevant law enforcement departments to investigate illegal websites. But as of six pm yesterday, the reporter consulted the exposure list of illegal drug web site, found the scientific research department of international China femoral head (, encephalopathy rehabilitation center in Beijing branch of Biomedical Research Institute (, Chinese Life Science Research Institute (, Chinese Tibetan Medicine Research Institute ( and other four sites still normal access.

Analysis of

, the Guangdong provincial food and drug industry association Zhang Junxiu said that the current illegal drugs through the network sales is very rampant, partly because people saw its low price, on the other hand it is because through the network marketing, law enforcement and regulatory authorities face very great difficulty. "The sale of drugs on the Internet itself is a controversial issue, I suggest that it should be a direct ban on such sales. But this requires a national level to implement."

it is understood, according to the "Interim Provisions" approval of Internet drug business, must be sold to individuals in the online drug drug retail chain enterprises established in accordance with the law, must pass through the food and drug supervision and administration department for examination and approval, to obtain "the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate". The validity period of Internet drug transaction service agency qualification for five years.

in accordance with the "Regulations", even if it is legal to provide Internet and drug transaction services business, must also be marked on the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate number on its website prominently, and the business can only be sold over-the-counter, or sold to other enterprises or drugs in medical institutions.

according to the latest statistics of the State Food and drug administration, as of July 12, 2010, approved by the food and drug regulatory authorities, can be referred to individual consumers