For yourself please don’t cheat

      integrity at any level China there has a lot of problems, from the Darling Harbour before closing also do card, to ensure that no KFC tonyred, we find that the lack of honesty Chinese enterprise, I recently saw a lot of Google, David day advertising and many domestic advertising articles, more famous. The VeryCD webmaster dash to Google open letter, there is a jade beast download station to Google open letter, but read these articles mainly that the advertising alliance motionless to cheat personal website and seal kill this web site or buckle the payment of the money, more owners said he was wronged who is, because their competitors deliberate.

      here, we do not talk about specific cheating techniques and the ban is correct, I just want to talk about the integrity of our personal Adsense, advertising alliance.

      first to talk about the integrity of the advertising alliance, in fact, the integrity of the advertising alliance is divided into two aspects, one for the site owners (publishing media), one of the advertisers. For the webmaster most easy to solve also the most problematic, most likely because of the advertising alliance as long as the time statistics from the money paid to the webmaster, I believe that no one would say that this advertising alliance is not honest, the most likely problem is because of advertising for some reason to suspend or cancel payment, this results in general see showered abuse advertising posts in each big Adsense BBS immediately. In fact, I have studied the operation mechanism of so many advertising alliance, that most of the advertising alliance is still very responsible, can be paid on time to pay the money.

      integrity of the core problem or from our webmaster, sometimes have to admire the Chinese people’s cleverness. Regardless of the advertising alliance model to consider the full, and then carefully, there are ways to cheat. I have been wandering in various forums and money webmaster forums, see too many mutually alliance and cheating Daquan, also saw too much because of the advertising alliance cheating was blocked after threatening aguirre.

      undeniable, the development of the Internet cannot do without a lot of personal website, but now many people do stand to be distorted to get more money, use unscrupulous divisive tactics have become the first pursuit. The result is whether it is not illegal, is not illegal, as long as you can to flow, I collected, really do not flow, try to cheat each other, anyway, as long as I am in advertising account money put on it. However, those who have a causal loop, advertising is not a fool, like Google never manual intervention search results will Chinese the results of manual processing, will block the cheating personal website, and often pull hair Baidu and a lot of money and not enough advertising.