Circle sharing site Spling was 400 thousand round of investment A

December 6th news, according to foreign media reports, DreamIt Ventures business incubator program for the new graduates Spling successfully completed A round of financing $400 thousand. The round of financing led by Deep Fork capital, other participants also includes a number of Wall Street angel investors.


Spling is a new show in the big family of social sharing. Users log on to the company’s Web site and associated with their own Facebook or Twitter account, you can achieve a link with friends to share content.

and other similar shared services is different, Spling more emphasis on sharing with friends, rather than sharing with other common interests of strangers. In order to simplify and facilitate the user after read shared links, Spling said earlier than Google+ in the beta version will use the "circle" concept.

Spling "circle" is similar to Google+, the only difference is that the "circle" in Spling is symmetric, that is, each of the "circle" inside the user will access the "circle" content. In addition, the circle can also be private, when set up as a private sometimes, to avoid posting links in Facebook, attracted strangers visit.


and Spling of the creative concept is not new, but the Spling team behind the age but people look forward to: CEO Billy · McFarland (Billy McFarland), CFO · (Nic Meiring Nick; Merlin), Mike Kord Ray (COO · Mac Cordrey), CTO and Henry · Clifford (Henry Clifford), the round of financing is completed, they are 19 years old.