Domain name CN million net big price dropped to 35 yuan from 100 yuan a year

  Sina Francisco March 20th morning news, Sina from the Internet based technology services provider China network ( has exclusively learned that the company has slashed the price of the.CN domain name, from the original 100 yuan / year adjusted to 35 yuan / year.

is the industry’s first network recently announced a cut in the price of the company. This is not a long time ago in the field of the.Cn domain name management agency, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) notification service providers to raise the.CN domain name messages vary widely.

yesterday evening, vice president Huang Haijun confirmed the news to the Sina network technology. He said the network has taken the lead in the domain price adjustment under the.CN domain name of the highest price up to 65%.

It is reported that

.Cn, the domain name price is a part of a campaign recently launched in the network. All that enterprises accept the Internet needs a process, reduce the threshold of enterprise applications on the Internet is the best way to promote enterprise informatization. Therefore, China civilink provides a "three major gifts for enterprise customers".

, domain name down product prices; two, give crash site, customers to buy.CN domain name and can be opened, including frame column structure of the enterprise website; three, giving companies 100 yuan coupons for the purchase of Chinese network products and services.

last December 31st, CNNIC confirmed that two years to carry out the CN domain name one yuan experience activities expire, starting in 2009 CN domain price will be adjusted by the market. These activities are implemented from March 2007. In the implementation of CNNIC 1 yuan promotion within two years, CN domain growth of 10 times. As of October 2008, CN domain name registration volume reached 12 million 915 thousand, exceeding Germany to become the world’s largest country domain name.

was introduced after the new deal, some of the Registrar to adjust the price. News from the major CN domain name registrar to show that in 2009 the price of CN domain name is between 10-100 yuan. Directly facing the terminal user registration business retains the low price to enhance competitiveness, to maintain a low price of 10 yuan, but before the traditional channel based business registration is still a continuation of the 100 yuan price registration, registered business pricing more to around 50 yuan.

CNNIC yesterday afternoon, the responsible person to attend a media communication conference in Beijing, did not disclose the.Cn domain name will guide the news of the price, the price may be civilink spontaneous market behavior.