Both legs paraplegia youth entrepreneurship network promotion earning thousands


wheelchair wonderful: network promotion earning thousands of

is a computer as a tool, a blog for Pathfinder 29 – legs paraplegic young disabled Peng Hongwei, now not only earning thousands of dollars more to lead a disabled team on the road of the business, to the depth of the network to promote the industry forward.

China’s network promotion industry is said to be emerging in 5 years ago, the current national practitioners tens of thousands. But, like Peng Hongwei, composed by the disabled promotion team, in the network marketing team is really very rare.

from the network to promote novice, to the master level figures, Peng Hongwei spent two years time. For more than a year, he became the 7 entrants. All two candidates enter Chongqing local network promotion company, monthly income of million yuan. Another three people from he led to form a cooperation team, every day to follow the prescribed order through his own, doing the blog to embrace business……

1, his disability after * * * meet the honored

before the age of 22, Peng Hongwei was a perfect person, when the workers monthly income of nearly 2000 yuan; parents are working in the neighborhood; one family comfortable and cozy.

in June 2, 2003, a car accident claimed Peng Hongwei’s legs. The cruel reality of life can not stand, once so he hardly wished to live. Even in the way parents often abuse their nerve paralysis.

4 years after the

in the Peng Hongwei family to pay for medical treatment a few million debt owed by the food and clothing, Mou Changqing appeared.

Mou Changqing’s father is the director of community Peng Mou, I is one of China’s first batch of network promotion, has been engaged in related work in Beijing. By the end of 2007 home for the Spring Festival, Mou learned that Peng Hongwei’s experience from his mouth, to take the initiative to visit, and recommended Peng gave him knowledge entry; Internet based, the preparation of a large number of cases for him.

Peng Hongwei soon realized that the network to promote this line, he became an ad. Propaganda carrier for customers, from traditional TV or print, replaced by network.

Peng Hongwei quickly

net, after two months of self training, his text posts, post pictures, video posts and other ways and means have been able to skillfully use.

2, his first single income of only $500

can only rely on wheelchair action, Peng Hongwei lost with peers can face the customer’s competitive advantage. Can not become the target of service team members, he began with hard pioneer service objects become partners.

through the network, Peng Hongwei found the first partner – Beijing, an agricultural tourism website. The two sides reached a cooperation intention is: Peng Hongwei is responsible for its promotion of the forum, the audience is a local children in Beijing, to attract them to the nearby