Mango TV was A round of financing over 500 million yuan to be proposed this year landing three new

mango TV A round of 500 million yuan financing to be achieved this year, landing three new board

[TechWeb] June 9th news reports, mango TV operator happy sunshine chairman Nie Mei said, mango TV has completed the A round of financing, financing over 500 million yuan of funds, released less than 7% of the shares, the valuation of the company exceeded 7 billion. During the year, mango TV intends to landing three new board.

Nie Mei said, mango TV had hoped for a second round of financing, but eventually decided directly listed on the new board, hope will be conducive to the normal operation of mango TV.

mango TV since April 20th last year, the implementation of the independent broadcast strategy, the number of users within 2 months from 100 thousand to 10 million. At present, the total platform users exceeded 60 million. Especially in the beginning of this year alone broadcast I am a singer in the third quarter, mango TV boarded App store free download first. Official information shows, I was a singer, mango TV has brought 2 million users a day.

Nie Mei said that if we landed three new board, mango TV will solve three major problems. One is to obtain a smooth financing channels to solve the problem of mango TV funds, two is to solve the ultimate TV mango market, and the three is to help explore the equity incentive system mango TV.

Nie Mei said, mango TV contracted advertisement amount this year has reached 800 million yuan. Mango TV with 1 years, finished the other video sites 5 to 8 years to finish the road.

mango TV relies on Hunan TV’s powerful content resources, is becoming a new force in video industry rise, if the mango TV successfully landed three new board, with the financial support, will inevitably impact on the formation of the mainstream video sites. (Ming Yu)