Bullog cn change a few years before the cat is not as angry Luo Yonghao nets


July 14, 2012 about 3:30 in the afternoon, a message bullog.cn founder Luo Yonghao in the micro-blog hair disturb the quiet weekend. Luo Yonghao in micro-blog, said: today was found to be blocked for several years cattle Bo network bullog.cn into a Tmall." And that will be directed at the network, said network if it does not give an explanation, the rest will fight and nets.

The micro-blog

has been issued, it has caused a lot of domain name industry veteran attention, including well-known domain name investors will not point out the secret ghost "done so cattle website, do not even know the domain name expired deleted after re registration?". Then there are other domain names to do the analysis, said the domain name bullog.cn just because the expiration was deleted, and now others are re registered. As for the original domain name registrar whether before deleting any network told Luo Yonghao, you can make nothing of it. So, Tmall network black Bo network domain name to cheat the flow of conspiracy theory does not exist, it is more arrogant civilink.

although the event intensified, but had no official network appeared explanation, but there is all former employees of "TaoZhiYong" to clarify micro-blog for former owner: "as all former employees, I say a word, just help to view the latest bullog.cn old domain name, domain name has been found in June 9th was again release, have been registered by others. Now the registrar for the love of a network company in Hangzhou, non civilink. The state of the domain name is not allowed to delete and prohibit the transfer, also found on the website of the Ministry of industry, the domain name is not filed."


It is reported that in January 9, 2009,

, bullog.cn domain registrar Chinese million net stop domain bullog.cn access server bullog.cn in domestic China was also closed, Bullog international is also unable to log in, it was the official reason given is published a large number of political harmful information. According to this judgment, bullog.cn was Hold at that time, while the SERVER HOLD is not renew, CLIENT HOLD can renew, Luo said that because the fee not continued when the domain name is SERVER HOLD.

bullog.cn until June 9, 2012, after the fall is expired, love net registered for a public auction system. Finally, behoove has been made Taobao shopping guide website domain name owner. Therefore, expired domain name registered by others using this site again no ground for blame. After the bullog.cn owner Ye Xiaolong also revealed the domain traffic statistics, because the old micro-blog, thousands of forwarding, less than ten hours, the station traffic according to the more than 7 thousand IP, really jealous.