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editor’s note: time flies, 2013 has gone; in the field of science and technology still amidst the winds of change, continue to move forward. Always need a moment, we should stop and look at the days. It is perhaps the best choice, so we launched the "2013 annual billboard technology award at this moment, and invite you to participate in the vote. Let us go looking back.

Sina Technology Mu Yuanyuan

a new mode of subversion of the traditional new product, new creative life shock, toggle nerve, innovation has become the enterprise survival based on internet.

light assets, heavy creative Internet industry, innovation is the fundamental survival. Whether it is subversive innovation start empty-handed, upgrading innovation icing on the micro innovation on giant shoulder, which are innovation or style, add new impetus to the China the most dynamic fields.

online education competition early

online education after the war, the battle of the entrance of mobile business, and a pushed in the teeth of the storm of the battlefield.

Baidu library, Baidu encyclopedia and other products have been on the line, launched Netease Open Class, cloud classroom, Chinese Udacity online video courses and youku.com and online education website Udacity released, no one does not reveal the big degree of importance for online education.

at the same time, the capital market for the sake of online education is not the slightest loss of the giants, hundreds of millions of dollars of funds directly hit the field of online education.

of course, this is not just a giant game, while the Dongfeng, many small and medium enterprises have also begun to aim at the innovation of online education industry, and catch up with the speed of light. Jiayuan "Helen of Troy" founded by Gong Haiyan in 91 native network, launched soon won the NetEase capital of A $4 million round of financing.


, New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong asserted, with the development of the Internet and other modern technology, online education industry will usher in a disruptive change, the next 3-5 years will achieve 40%, line 60% line pattern.

2012, the total size of China’s education industry IT investment reached 43 billion 910 million yuan, an increase of 20.9%, the scale of China’s education information market is growing rapidly. Taobao’s data show that in 2012 Taobao education sales amounted to 330 million yuan, of which 1/3 is the supplementary materials, the other 200 million is course sales.

mobile applications intense competition

2013, the total number of mobile Internet devices held by the Chinese people for the first time exceeded the United States, has become the world’s largest mobile terminal equipment. The vast number of smart phones and tablet PCs using customer groups, frequent use of APP, so that China has become a huge hotbed of APP application development market.

according to the national mobile network research center recently released