Successful website four factors climate geography and management

      if you want to be a webmaster rather than a programmer, don’t put all the energy is spent on technology website programming, art, technology is not the most important (but also how to say in the past), important is how to operate. The key to the success of a website is natural, and operate the four factors. Ma Yun is an example.


      if you are driving a XX net, XX is not a fire.

      analysis: the popular XX network, although the competitiveness of small, but you can do it first how much traffic?

      if you are on a XX network, XX is now a fire.

      analysis: the popular XX network, although very fire, but the competitiveness is very large, a lot of portals do this, you have to compete with them? Competition, however, how much traffic can be?

      conclusion: in XX this thing is popular and others do not do first, to seize the market, this is the day.


      if you figure out the day, want to do, but there is no good space, good domain name.

      analysis: the promotion of a website mainly depends on the simplicity of the domain name and the stability of the space. The domain name easy to remember, people can quickly remember your site, space is fast and stable, can keep visited you, no one will patiently access a slow site.

      conclusion: do not cheap to buy space, cheap no good goods, good goods are not cheap, space instability caused by the loss may be much more than you save money. Try to use the domain name com, because of this popularity, here is an example, if you see an incomplete domain such as, because you know is not complete, so you need to add a suffix, most people will directly add.Com and not to add other suffix (at least I). Here is a first memory problem, the website domain name is best and the main content of your website related, as I open the local news, such as the Shaoxing area, I choose to choose a domain name prefix sxnews, I do not know if you thought the general thought, watching the news are adults, so they is not sensitive to the word news, or even to a memory. If you choose sxxw as a prefix, the site is properly referred to