CCTV exposure P2P net loan temptation trap will really make you bankrupt

[high return, high interest temptation, P2P net loan temptation, but at the same time some P2P companies run away message have occurred, Mr. Guangzhou had 90 thousand yuan investment in basic boondoggle. [


looks up to 20-30% of the return on investment Mr. Zeng fell into P2P net loan scam

The 72 year old Mr.

is a retired cadres in Guangdong city of Guangzhou Province, 2000, retired he began to keen on all kinds of investment, but after several practice, Mr Tsang feel no matter what kind of investment projects are not ideal returns. An accidental opportunity, Mr. Zeng learned that a new investment projects – P2P net loan platform.

investor Zeng: profits are known to be more than 20%, some of which is about 30%, and that any time withdrawals.

face the temptation of high returns, Mr. Tsang participated in the 2014 Guangzhou investment banking financial Expo, where he got to know a large fortune called the net loan platform. At the exhibition site, he decided to open an account investment, so that he was the cause of the heart, is the promotion of wealth and a variety of honorary certificates.

investor Zeng: in short, in the various booths, compared with it, better than it is also very few,

gold Expo in Guangzhou on the site of the great wealth of exhibitors

this is the June 2014 Guangzhou Expo site on gold in the wealth of the exhibition booth, through the field data is not difficult to see that in the wealth of investors to come to consult the bustling booth, both staff in a continuous line, wearing or corporate publicity, have done a kind of mold. And not just the booth propaganda effect is good, even in the great wealth of the site is also very popular.

: investors have been (its website) you say they like the most important, we are most concerned about, how much you have maker financing, such as about three trillion and fifty million, then you these figures, for investors to earn income, about ten million


in the big wealth on the web page for investors to earn earnings data

with greater trust in wealth has become the net loan circle of Mr. mind "tall", he confidently continue to increase investment. From June 2014 the first investment of 1000 yuan, gradually increased to $500 million in November. After 5 months, has invested more than 89000 yuan, and these investments will soon have a return.


: total cash investors have I raised more than 9 thousand dollars, the original money back and forth mentioned. For example, in February 1, 2015, there is a single in the recovery of this interest, this is the interest, this is also a single interest.

thought that can be sustained and stable return, but that Mr. Tsang never thought, good times don’t last long, from the beginning of 2015, in >