Delete the 49 profit more than 8 yuan hackers intrusion case uncover shady delete posts October 4 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Xia Guannan, Fu Yongtao) delete 49 will be able to profit 8 million yuan Hainan "hackers" illegal intrusion case opened delete underground industry chain inside

to delete the net posts, the suspect illegal control of computer information systems to obtain economic benefits. The reporter found that illegal intrusion in Hainan Province announced the day before the "hacker" in the case, now all kinds of "occupation delete" ads in the network overwhelming, delete, delete, seconds fast slow delete are clearly marked, a gray interests of the chain has quietly formed underground.

mysterious disappearance of the post so hackers surfaced

invasion forum computer system, illegal delete posts 49 will be able to profit more than 8 yuan, while the employment of other hackers invasion of the computer system is more lucrative income. This is the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment recently cracked a network hacker delete posts the core story".

according to the police, in April last year, there was a Hebei on a large-scale enterprises list posts a large forum in Hainan Province, causing users concern, the company failed to contact the website to delete posts. A few days later, the site staff was surprised to find that this exposure Posts suddenly disappeared. After the determination of Non internal personnel, the website of the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment network report.

after careful investigation of the police, an illegal invasion of the forum site, delete the post profit hackers gang surfaced.

said police investigators, Hunan man Jo after graduating from college has not found a suitable job, and later found the invasion site forum to delete posts to illegal profits, began recruiting". Chongqing man Lu on the Internet to see Jo’s "job information" and its agreement, who began operating business website delete posts.

from May 2011 to October period, Jo and Lu partnership illegally removed 49 Katie forum posts, profit of 8 yuan. In addition, Cao also to 500 yuan to pay the price of $two to $800 per post to delete the "I love shopping network," "southern" post to delete the business, and find someone responsible, the people also profit for this more than 8 yuan.

according to the suspects confessed, some companies or individuals do not want to spread negative news on the network, eager to delete posts, no matter how high the price, these people will pay.

came into being "network crisis public relations"

reporter survey found that with the growing network of public opinion. Some business units and individuals negative information exposure gradually increased. In this case, the crisis public relations company came into being, is responsible for deleting the negative information on the network, even for the deletion of Posts and illegal invasion of the illegal behavior of the web site computer.

investigators said, the real Internet rumors will collapse of itself, some negative information exists objectively makes the event the parties.