The CN domain name after a brief rise fall again to save city enterprise terminal

webmaster network September 13th news: Recently, CNNIC released the latest CN domain name statistics. Data show that the CN domain name in July total domestic market is 3411115.Cn, the number of domain names is 2100956, the domestic market in August 3345906 of the total number of domain names,.Cn is 2062379, compared with August July CN total domain fell 65209. In June this year, the total number of domestic CN domain name market reached 3502288,.Cn domain name of the, in May the total number of CN domain name market is 3344589,.Cn domain name market total of $1967928. In June than in May rose about 150 thousand, is the 09 year in November to the Ministry to carry out the CN domain of illegal and harmful information rectification, stop personal registration and large-scale stop CN DNS and carry out real name registration, CN domain name only a real sense of the rise (in March this year was on the rise or trace, insufficient number ten thousand). After a brief rise CN domain name again decline continued to fall, really eye popping.


2011 CN domain name trend


August 2011 CN domain name statistics chart


July 2011 CN domain name statistics chart


April 2011 CN domain name statistics chart


May 2011 CN domain name statistics chart


June 2011 CN domain name statistics chart

according to statistics, 09 years of domestic CN domain market holdings peaked around 140 million, due to policy reasons for nearly two years has been continuously lift type straight down, is currently below the 3 million mark potential. June rose slightly, the industry has been optimistic speculation is likely to be affected by the impact of the international domain name real name registration system coupled with the CN domain name registration policy increasingly stable, CN domain name is likely to gradually pick up. However, the real name of the international domain name system does not have the actual policy launch, and CN domain name registration of real estate companies for the audit is still strict, CN domain name continues to maintain a monthly decline of tens of thousands of stability". Data show that the number of the world’s top 210 million domain name registration, China registered a total of 7 million 860 thousand. In.Com to maintain steady growth, other suffix domain name has gradually been accepted today, CN domain name due to the impact of the policy brought about by the