The food and Drug Administration investigated 8 false information website 5 suspected of selling fak

China Economic Net Beijing on June 3rd news (reporter Liu Xiaoxiao) recently, the State Food and drug administration supervision and inspection found that the integrity of medical network, recorded 8 Enterprises website issued false information, suspected of selling counterfeit products, deception to mislead consumers, serious harm to public food and drug safety, will be investigated according to law.

China economic network reporter found that the 8 publication of false information website, the official website of gold, Yi Shu Enruo, official website, the official website of the 5 oral insulin gene suspected of selling counterfeit drugs, assertions or contain unscientific. Integrity of the pharmaceutical network, gold Cordyceps three official website and other sites using doctors, experts, the patient’s name and image as proof. State Food and drug administration has been transferred to the relevant departments of these illegal websites investigated according to law, and is organizing the investigation of illegal products.

food and drug administration to remind consumers: in order to health and safety, the purchase of drugs should choose a regular channel, and reasonable use under the guidance of doctors.