mprove website traffic magic weapon CNZZ station search

has been the site to reflect the value of the standard always depends on the level of traffic, increase traffic is a major problem facing every webmaster, with some search engine companies for marketing strategy changes, the optimization of the website also be difficult. Independent third party data analysis and statistics service provider CNZZ’s webmaster statistics in the station search function ( is the maximum degree of

to meet the needs of the majority of webmasters to enhance the site traffic.

is well known, the composition of the site is generally around the same content, often have a lot of different pages. But the site from a search engine search for a keyword only to other pages that link on this page often cannot be very good to show, or need to develop related content recommendation, manual editing related content or time-consuming. The CNZZ station search function, the problem is carried out multi-level optimization, the maximum extent to help the majority of owners to solve this problem. So that webmasters can dig deeper into the potential value of the site, improve site traffic. When the user opens the CNZZ webmaster Statistics website search options, CNZZ through statistical analysis to arrive at your site search engine usage behavior, intelligent matching keywords of the user interest, your website content index related to users. This site will have a chance to visit the user interested in the contents of the content of the exposure, the user can focus on the keywords around the site to produce a series of click access. So as to help the majority of webmasters to improve the site’s visits, increase the depth of user access, improve the interest rate of user reviews, reducing the chance of loss of users to other sites.

station search function launched soon, by the majority of users praise, after testing, the effect is obvious. The following is the data scale before and after the test.



site to add the station search function, the user through the station to search the small window to visit the site more pages, site visits increased significantly.


figure two

CNZZ according to the user’s search behavior analysis of user interested keywords, relevant content, the station to push, can fully exploit the site content, improve the users’ interest, increase user access depth, improve the user experience and stickiness.


figure three

user access depth increases at the same time, strengthen the users on the website of the memory, increase the probability of the user and return to the website, the website of new user conversion rate and return rate in later period increased.