Domain ferocious rally 6 new era of digital or has arrived

renamed Chinese ( April 22nd news, since this year, the digital domain name trading frequently ferocious rally, 6 digital diversification is this month ushered in a "blowout" period, enterprises and individuals have been eyeing the 6 digital resources market. Recently, Xinyang online network enabled domain name on the line, but also for the domain name market considerably.

it is understood that the number 464001 is the Shihe River District of Xinyang City, Henan province zip code, strong local landmark. The earlier Shenmu forum enabled zip line. That "Chinese whois query system, domain name was registered in January of this year. And the related suffixes registration for the Tencent Inc, as early as September 2012, tens of thousands of QQ number is crazy registered domain name, the 6 digit number from to all domain name is not registered, Tencent were robbed empty.

now, 6 digital resource rich although not small figures are eye-catching, but because by zip code, stock code, AAABBB type, ABBABB type of permutation and combination of "backing" value bullish. This domain name is easy to remember and input, with a wider range of application markets. Earlier, the acquisition of the Pacific Insurance Stock code domain name build shopping network; Nanjing central shopping center and the acquisition of stock code to enable the domain name, build cloud central shopping platform.

In addition,

,, and so on until a single repetitive domain, "66 Dashun", "hair" and other auspicious digital domain, used in finance, finance, lottery website is the best. The ABBABB type, 666888, 999111 and other domain names are easy to remember and promote.

In recent years

digital domain was stir, 6 digital domain name market is soaring, with investment industry sources said, "this year the export market is # you missed 4 digital domain name last year, this year you can not miss the 5 digital domain name, even if you miss the 5 digital domain, also has 6 in the digital domain wait for you", and the domain name investors Hangwei also registered thousands of 6 digital domain, to prove that this kind of hot digital domain, and the domain name 6 digital era or has come.