WeChat public numbers over 10 million will push to pay for reading

WeChat public numbers over 10 million will push to pay to read

[TechWeb] August 28th news, WeChat announced yesterday it will launch a paid reading function to promote the original protection. At the same time, the official also announced that WeChat currently has more than 10 million public accounts, WeChat daily 2 times more than friends, every day more than 180 million times the circle of friends to share.

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reports, WeChat paid open reading function of the public number, need to pay to read the article in browsing can only display part at the beginning of the show, the specific content or space may decide by the operator, to pay the corresponding fee to view the full text.

WeChat official said, we hope to user + traffic + Revenue Incentives to promote the original protection work, so that the original content in the WeChat public platform to become more valuable services." And will be introduced in the future to pay for reading, advertising tilt, search weighted, quick attention and other incentives to enter the original library.

WeChat team at the same time announced the opening of the original protection rules, registration time, activity, the number of original articles and the original degree of 6 indicators have decided whether to open the original protection. It is reported that the pay to read and other new features will use the "invite" closed beta, are not available for.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng mentioned earlier, the user can use the WeChat platform literature website, through WeChat directly facing readers and subscribers, and access fee, WeChat can bridge content creators and end users. In March this year, Tencent literature announced the preparation of the launch of the WeChat reader application news. (Zhou Xiaobai)