CANN will discuss the creation of a Xxx domain name dispute for adult websites

The Internet management agency

global Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) is scheduled for 12 in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi held a meeting to discuss whether the adult website set up special domain name, for the convenience of parents "isolation" of these sites, click Browse to avoid children.

the proposal sparked controversy. Opponents believe that the domain name is equivalent to the legalization of adult websites, and the role of the protection of young people may be very limited.


proposed by the United States, ICM, Florida registered company. The company recommends that the internet name and number distribution company set up ".Xxx" for the adult website dedicated domain name, with the existing generic top-level domain name ".Com"." And ".Net".

parents will be able to install special software on the computer, automatic screening to.Xxx for the domain name of the adult site, to prevent children inadvertently click browse.

ICM registered company as early as 2000 to make this proposal, the original intention is to regulate the adult website. These sites can voluntarily choose to ".Xxx" as the domain name and comply with the relevant provisions, to ensure that no spam and malicious scripts and other acts.

said earlier that the company hopes to start before the end of this year,.Xxx domain name registration business, the price tentatively $60.


proposal raises many questions and objections. Some anti adult web sites said that for such sites to set up the domain name is equivalent to legalization.

opponents said that in view of the proposal does not require the use of adult website.Xxx domain name, it may be difficult to use special software to achieve shielding effect. In addition, because the domain name is only the site’s digital address alias, even if the parents successfully isolated.Xxx domain name, the child can also enter a digital address to browse the adult website.

some skeptics believe that adult website operators even willing to register.Xxx domain name, may still continue to retain the.Com domain name, resulting in an increase in the number of adult websites.

other opponents questioned,.Xxx domain name proposal may not be supported by adult website operators, because they are worried that the government will force the site to join the virtual red light district, the implementation of regulation.


Rhodes, chief executive officer of

‘s Internet name and number distribution company, said ·, a member of the board of directors of the company, has discussed the proposal for a domain name for an adult website before the meeting was held in. However, given the legal reasons, he did not give details of the discussion.

Backstrom did not say when the company will make a decision.

ICM registered the company’s proposal is striking one snag after another. The company first proposed the idea of ".Xxx" domain name in 2000, but the internet name and number distribution company