nterpretation of the NetEase electricity supplier strategy this cross border electricity supplier

in the eyes of the outside world, NetEase may be a portal, perhaps a game company, but now it is trying to paste the label for the electricity supplier.


China look around the Internet, almost all big companies have their level of electricity providers, Tencent, Baidu, music video and millet are all true. However, different from other companies, NetEase has been focused on the products of the company in the eyes of the outside world, with fashionable words "artisan spirit", Ding Lei was also frequently viewed as "conservative" entrepreneurs. For the electricity supplier has long been stirred into the Red Sea area, NetEase does not even need to say there is no reason to get involved.

since 2015, NetEase in the field of electricity providers can be described as action frequently. First, by NetEase koala into cross-border electricity supplier, do not take the unusual way NetEase strict election is triggered a war of words. The revenue structure of the NetEase, with outstanding performance in the game field, not only support the hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization, but also completely and also from the portal Sina and Sohu "part company each going his own way". In such a good situation, why NetEase in 2015 quietly into the field of electricity providers do?

for this reason, the industry a lot of discussion, not long ago, a site of a depth report, it seems reasonable to explain the reasons for NetEase to advance the electricity supplier business. Indeed, in 2001 after the Internet bubble burst, Ding Lei introduced the wireless value-added service to save the NetEase of vital importance. At the same time, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, also saw the prospects for wireless value-added services, investors and entrepreneurs to see this opportunity is countless. NetEase can only say that homeopathy, and can not be regarded as clever, of course, this is the level of development of the Internet was determined. The result is clear to everyone, with the telecom operators into wireless value-added services, the portal in the aspects of revenues, although at this stage of grinding out 163 mailbox this excellent products, the NetEase still once again fell into the abyss. As many people say, the game allows NetEase to get the second rebirth, until today, the proportion of online games revenue in NetEase is still as high as 76%.

however, although the game business for NetEase has been carrying 20 billion of liquidity, but only P/E (price earnings ratio) is for the Wall Street investors are not optimistic about the game allows NetEase to maintain high growth, from the market perspective, the NetEase has been reduced to BAT after the second tier Internet Co. The fact also confirms the concerns of Wall Street, from 2006, the growth rate of NetEase games is always below 50%, although compared with other domestic Internet Co, NetEase revenue growth is still strong. The mobile Internet era seems to be for the NetEase’s online games ushered in another period, at present, the NetEase Mobile Games 2015 total revenue reached 9 billion 800 million, the proportion reached 57%, which in the end Tencent income has exceeded iOS. But touch technology, a large number of Mobile Games LineKong’s rise, as dependent on the explosion of domestic Mobile Games market cast a layer of mystery, it.