nternet thinking online education must have three hardware

Objective: 2013 online education hot debut in 2013 2013 swept the Internet Internet thinking, thinking of using the Internet to do mobile phone, in 2013 2013 the use of the Internet thinking catering, thinking of using the Internet to do a brothel, the 2014 online education how to make good use of the Internet thinking. Online education is very beautiful, it is a series of eleven from the three levels of thinking about the Internet online education.

free is the most expensive, fans economy, reputation, focus, extreme, fast, slow, interactive, etc……. , this is the interpretation of the Internet thinking in the minds of some of the words. Ninth Huang told the online education how to do a fan of the economy, then online education under the Internet thinking should have what conditions? This paper from the three aspects of the.


– fans economy, word of mouth, fast


online education rely on Internet technology to hot development, when the technology is no longer a bottleneck, so the next to attack what? The future of the enterprise, there is no fan of the brand will die in the wave of internet. Whether it is YY, Shanghai river network, transmission network class, winning network, multi Bay networks, ladder network, or 3BAT education platform, has not been a complete platform for fans economy.

a large number of entrepreneurs in the field of online education, according to the third party of orange IT released data show that in 2013 the average daily new online educational institutions 2.6, and so on the new join hundreds of institutions. At the same time, the traditional educational institutions have been impacted by online education, and constantly seek to change their status. However, the current online education platform to achieve profitability is one of the few, such as online English training field, Hujiang network as the Internet Education entrepreneurs first profitable upstart, in the wave came, quickly occupy the seats; relying on the contents of Huanggang school profitability is also of concern, but the next line to promote online form mode is not pure; the listed company YY the biggest profit is not education but the game.

What is the

information, the important thing is the flow and communication. Whether it is the fans economy, or reputation, or fast, are speeding up the flow of information and communication. Online education platform, such as when there are a number of rice noodles, is to create the economic effect of the time. Traditional education institutions rely on the training of the brand, as in the field of online education, but consumers tend to be more interesting platform. Online education platform, user interaction more frequently, the more time, the nature of the formation of a habit and rely on, so some online education platform access interactive social networking tools or interactive module reasons.

micro-blog era let us know the great value of fans, through the spread between them easier to trust. The interaction of information, the formation of word of mouth from the perception. Under the continuous spread of word of mouth, the platform relies on the user’s voice to adjust their platform to change their products, to give