The luxury goods business to accelerate the shuffle profit model is unknown into development of weak


reporter Tang Gang

in the face of strong Chinese demand for luxury goods market, the main domestic luxury goods business is hardly a reason to cheer, shop business and shopping spree reported hot cold contrast. See many domestic luxury electric providers which also Bo Xing Yan, its sudden fall situation, people can not help but exclaim, but why the rise of two Chinese luxury business has entered such a fierce industry reshuffle? Luxury is not really suitable for luxury online shopping? Where is the way out of a series of problems caused? Ponder.

fate dilemma, bitter winter of luxury

China in the last year has become the world’s largest consumer of luxury goods. According to Bain, China consumes about 25% of the world’s luxury goods or services. According to McKinsey estimates, by 2015, this figure will rise to 34%.

but this point for the domestic luxury electricity supplier, did not bring any festive atmosphere, is to go or stay, it is their decision to do now.

recently, the good fortune network announced in June this year, the strategic transformation of Messi department store in China is the price of goods shop. This means that the site will no longer luxury sale, to the investor Messi department store China shop. At the same time, the company founder and CEO Yang Peifeng has officially left her with a large website.

serves network is also committed to give up the location of the luxury goods business. Inception in 2008, serves network was once considered a luxury site, but now they have become the high-end female commodity platform, mainly sales of foreign brands.

CEO Wenhong "Ji Xiu superficial" to describe the past understanding of the electricity supplier for the luxury goods, that discount with the hands of resources to obtain single luxury price, you can move the market. "But we found that our understanding of the upstream and downstream is not enough."


want a huge domestic market, the 2009 to 2011 period, Chinese quickly appeared more than and 40 luxury website, in addition to the professional self style luxury shopping sites, traditional shopping platform, fashion media also have to test the water. Such as, serves network, market network, Luxuries network, have been involved in the luxury market.


is also listed the case, such as, but more is the beginning suffered winter, even a cup of soup will not fall out. At the end of 2011, the NetEase’s Luxuries network announced the closure, in November of the same year, Huha network home page was suddenly black, then put up the shutters website. In March 2012, CEO in October, leaving your respect; respect your final choice is closed. A luxury not jobs is closed, gathering clouds and rolling mists, is the fact that many of the luxury goods business difficult to continue. In desperation, the catwalk, in order to find out for transformation, a way out.


channel is not smooth, luxury site difficult ills except