SAC online trading regulatory approach is a research demonstration

days ago, the media reported the "Interim Measures" online commodity trading and service supervision or will be issued and implemented in March the news aroused widespread concern. SAIC spokesman Tengjia material said on the 23, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in accordance with the State Council "sanding program" to the administrative department for Industry and commerce functions, from the beginning of last year to the drafting of the "Interim Measures" online commodity trading and service supervision transactions to regulate the behavior of network goods and services, and promote the healthy development of the network market. However, the current drafting of the approach is still in the stage of research and demonstration.

Tengjia material

said that SAIC attaches great importance to the "measures" of the draft, is organizing the forces to accelerate the pace of work. After the time is ripe, SAIC will be in accordance with the procedures for the formulation of the rules, the official disclosure of the draft to the public approach.