Google CEO said it would work with the Chinese government to reach a solution

according to foreign media reports, Google CEO Eric ·, March 10th, said, Google is actively negotiating with the Chinese government, is expected to soon reach a solution with the Chinese government.

Schmidt declined to give more details and the timetable for the negotiations, saying only that "there will be some progress soon". He said that the negotiations between Google and the Chinese government, does not involve U.S. officials. However, an official said on Saturday that the Chinese government has no direct contact with Google.

in January 12th this year, Google senior vice president, corporate development and chief legal officer David Drummond in Google’s official blog published an article that, in view of the Google business Chinese years suffered many unreported attacks and the surveillance, and over the past few years the government attempts to further restrict the freedom of speech on the Internet, Google is considering closing Chinese operation and site

U.S. State Department spokesman

immediately announced in January 15th, will Google sent a diplomatic note to China. The spokesman said, "it will express our concern about the incident, and asked China to provide information to explain how the incident occurred, and how they are going to deal with this problem."

but then in January 18th, Google executives says in China business to restore the normal operation, and hope to stay in Chinese.

in January 21st, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei said in an interview with reporters, Google and other foreign companies encounter problems in China, should be resolved through legal China, Chinese government is willing to help them solve the problem. Google incident should not be linked with the two governments and the relationship between the two countries, otherwise it is excessive interpretation.

early in 2006, Google agreed to review its search results in the case of the introduction of the Chinese search engine In the subsequent Google China operation controversy, has undergone a license tax evasion door, door, door Sogou, Shehuang doors and a series of twists and turns. Li Kaifu, President of Google Greater China, also announced his resignation last year.