Classified information website treasure there are trees

      the prospects seem wide, but until now no one has found a suitable profit model. There are thousands of classified information website, are playing the most classic tragedy of the age of the Internet: big website with the background "look to the future, and those who do not see the" future "small sites had managed struggling until death.

      Kijiji (Kijiji) eBay relying on the powerful strength to a "ten year free" rhetoric, Ganji (Ganji) and its partners Google (Google) the earnings in five or six years later, they in their own way for the future development of a tree "".

      and some small sites in the early days of the venture are looking for their own treasure – they pay close attention to cultivate their own selling points, trying to attract the eyes of venture capitalists.

      can they succeed?



      March 1, 2005, eBay by providing free Kijiji publish and query information services to 6 countries, including China users. The website rapidly click rate seems to make full China IT dream who smell the taste of gold, only 05 years of a month in July, was born the classified information website more than and 50 similar, and later participated in Baidu, Sina, has thousands of similar classification information website.

      "this shows that there is a market for classified information." Message tree website COO Zhang Zhang told reporters. In 2003, after returning from abroad and Li Jiajun Zhang Zhang founded the news website (Xiaoxishu), then the tree is the first personal service classification news platform in Shanghai, four years, they are looking for a survival of the profit model. Too many small sites, we do not have their own characteristics. Zhang Zhang said, "four years, I did not take a penny." Some people even put a message tree system overall piracy in the past, open to the price of 400 dollars in online selling.

      however, Zhang Zhang and his team are not long-term and willing to those small website. Zhang Zhang is the first four eBay business, has served as general manager of eBay marketing director and Beijing branch, Li Jiajun CEO message tree was also the vice president of marketing Huang Peilei CTO eBay, eBay is the main technical backbone.

      on eBay’s work experience so that they see some of the embarrassment of small and medium network stores. It took them half a year to develop a set of "drag to pay" classified information systems, and to apply for a patent, they are busy for their new