Finish to start qiyi where Baidu

finish to start Iqiyi where Baidu


recently, sources said, Baidu is stepping up with music and literature of "negative assets", even the long rumored Iqiyi have found the prostitute. At the same time, most people do not pay attention to is, Ali, eleven of the Jingdong in the double, scheduled date for half a year long Baidu quietly launched MALL.

these signs indicate that Baidu fully turned to O2O’s new Baidu strategy began to accelerate.

"new Baidu" was originally included Baidu Nuomi, Baidu takeaway and where to go and other components of the O2O platform, and the direct number, Baidu map, Baidu wallet, Iqiyi and other non search business. Over the past few years, many of them out of business because of Baidu’s traditional search advantage, difficult development of Baidu, also have to add a burn war.

ideas become clear, from 20 billion to invest in Baidu Nuomi or earlier start. After that, Baidu finished strong go where and Ctrip convertible (the industry has been rumored, where CEO Zhuang Chen Chao before the completion of the transaction has been kept in the dark). The value of this transaction is quite like Tencent and Jingdong teamed up, Baidu not only to get rid of the heart of the thorn over the years, but also the first Alibaba and Tencent, occupy the dominant position in the online travel market.

now Baidu’s ideas clearly want to focus more directly on the transaction and related business, and through the hands of the map, such as the entrance of the back, the wallet to complete the payment closed loop.

Baidu in the mobile Internet era has lagged behind for a long time. The strategy of product failure, delay, loss of executives, investment losses, various problems have been in Baidu. If not complete the transaction and Ctrip, in each big competition for travel, local services and other vertical areas, almost all Baidu strive.

in the past few years, the tide of mobile Internet, Baidu in the end what is happening, and now it can catch up with the opportunity to do it?

difficult to integrate glutinous rice

Baidu Nuomi is now the biggest bet Baidu, although the distance from the acquisition has been completed over the past two years. This year the U.S. group and the public comment for speeding in the development, and the day before just negotiated a blockbuster deal, the completion of the merger, while keeping the important position of glutinous rice market, but difficult to integrate within the system involved in the Baidu.

2013, Baidu had a series of beauty group and public comment contact hope acquisition, but then the two have enough market share and investment support, ‘independent development market, Baidu had to turn to the acquisition of glutinous rice.

August 2013, Baidu $160 million strategic investment in glutinous rice, access to about 59% of the equity, after the acquisition of glutinous rice, the full acquisition of glutinous rice, its inclusion, and completed the replacement of personnel, officially changed its name to Baidu Nuomi.


glutinous rice into the long-term integration of turbulence. < >