Qiyi online social system adventures or go vertical mode of micro blog

About video website Qiyi social system "

April 2nd news of Baidu’s" (t.qiyi.com) has entered the closed beta stage second, log in the community found that "about" the interface is similar with micro-blog, but only in the field of film and television content.



early in January this year, there is news that Qiyi will launch a "miracle", the community is essentially sharing community to provide users with a visual communication interface, similar to micro-blog, users can publish pictures, text and video sharing.


registration, need to invite code, when the user clicks on the registration, will let users choose to fill in their "love of a TV drama".


login page, found the community divided into recommendation system, about the film reds, text, pictures, video clips, critic, news, provide attention function, to provide users of selective attention.

in all the home page, the micro-blog show all elements. The content of the main theme of the film and television, the word is also controlled within 140 words.


content can be inserted in the lines, pictures, video, containing "my attention", "I’m listening" and "a baby", and can realize forward and reply.

in addition, when the user video search, "adventures" will search and call on Qiyi station video for users to choose.

some netizens commented that Qiyi "adventures" is micro-blog’s vertical content model based on the data from the main structure of "popular micro-blog, micro-blog" to "people, movie actor / Director / screenwriter, micro-blog, more structured and precise".

is "about" is still in beta stage, sources have forecast in mid April this year, "adventures" or will be officially launched. (end)